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Sustainable Sustenance

Brewing beer requires cereal grains, such as barley and rice.  The brewing process enriches these grains, leaving behind a nutrient-dense product called spent grain, which we craft into Brewnola.  Our granola is good for you and the planet–not to mention delicious!

Image by Amit Lahav
Image by Roberta keiko Kitahara Santana

What We Do

Brewnola crafts sustainable, upcycled, vegan granolas from the spent grain created as a byproduct of brewing beer. Because breweries do not have the capacity to repurpose this grain themselves, they are forced to throw it away, accounting for 85% of brewery waste. Brewnola rescues this grain—which is enriched by the brewing process—to craft a more nutritious, delicious, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional oat-based granolas.

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